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Not to be confused with Ranjo's Inc.!

I have been a pavement marking contractor for over 40 years.


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Call or email Randy Sawtelle the inventor of most of these products.

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Some of our products are our own inventions that I came up with to solve problems we ran into.

The other products are what we found to be the best in the industry and still use.

As we are a contractor we can help you with a lot of questions you may have about the industry and problems you may come up against.

 We also offer specialty contracting.  ( We will help you on your project! )

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 Please give me a call and let me know how I can help!

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Note: Most of our products are custom made for you.

As such we can not guarantee any delivery times.

We will give you approximate dates, and do our best to meet your time frame.


            Click on name of the equipment you want information on.

    Remove-It Drum Page 1        

    Remove-It Drum Page 2       

    (Our Invention )    

The fastest and most economical way to remove pavement markings as well as bumps, frost heaves, uneven surfaces  and Spalding !

Remove-It Drum Video  

   Remove-It Drum Power Point Show  

     or download a zipped file of this show

 Power Point Viewer If you need it for Remove-It Drum Show


        Snow-Cut  (tm/patent pending)                                         

    (Our Invention )   This Tool will cut the slot for Snowplowable Pavement markers ( steel casing ) 

As well as the slot  for RPM's

                               This is a Very Cheap way to do this. It uses Carbide instead of Diamonds.

 It will also remove 4" lines & do inlay

                               And can be driven by Your cold planer just like the "Remove - It Drum"

As well as the Machine you currently have.


    Bucket-Razor (tm/patent) 

"A Razor blade for your bucket"  ( Now takes thermoplastic off !! )  

 (Our Invention )                                                         Bucket Razor Video





    Pallet-Pull (tm)  

 (Our Invention )

The easiest way to hook a shipping pallet



   Alitec Cold Planers  

Can be used on any skid steer


  ARS Re-Heat Systems.   

We use this in conjunction with the "Bucket - Razor" TM For thermoplastic removal.

 Power Cart     For your walk behind striper


     Atomizing Liners   Walk Behind Air Striping machine


         Giant Chalk Box's   

                    Double Chalk Box's


              Chalk  5 Gal bucket or smaller

               Crayons And Holders


I have a lot of other products please give us a call!!

I can help you make or solve most equipment needs.

 let us know what your needs are!!


Please give us a call or send us E-mail

We have a new phone number 

and address

23 Bailey Rd. Chichester, NH 03258


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