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Asphalt RE-Heat Systems
Asphalt Reheat Systems currently offers four main sizes of portable units. The current line of portable heaters are in a class of there own, with regards to mobility and performance. These light weight heaters can be easily disassembled and transported to anywhere heat is needed. Like all of the heating units in the A.R.S. line, these portables use a radiant blue-flame type of heat to warm the asphalt's surface. This technology is superior to the standard infrared heaters and was developed to specifically help eliminate the risk of overheating, save on fuel costs and heat the surface faster.
For use with the Bucket Razor we use 2 or more 1x4 units
  1x4 Portable Heater
Quick Specs   
Heating Area: 4 SQ FT   
Weight: 95 lbs.   
Dimensions: L=70" W=12" H=39" (Assembled)   
Options: Standard, High Output or Attachments   
1x8 Portable Operation   
Heating Times: Avg. surface pliable in - 5 Min.   
Fuel Consumption: At least 5 hrs on 20lb tank.   
Usage: Blending Seams, Fixing Drainage,   
Erasing Scuff marks and Tire dents, etc.   
These are the smallest heating units on the market and not to mention the lightest, a mere 95 lbs. Two units are capable of pinning together to heat a 1x8 area as well as a 2x4 and still be operated with a single control. The heating times and fuel consumption are slightly less than the other portable units.
The 1x4 units are available in the high output version, which will produce more intense heat. The 1x4 Heaters are exceptionally good for smoothing joints to a seamless patch, fixing drainage problems, erasing tire indentations and printing borders. “Or in conjunction with Bucket-Razor for Thermoplastic removal”