Randy & Joanne Sawtelle

We are both originally from New Hampshire.

We have been in the industry a long time. The first parking lot I painted was in 1970 ( I did it with boards and paint brush.. Yuck!!). I also started seal coating at that time.

In the early 80s I moved to Venice Florida and worked for Asphalt Pavers. I did all their pavement marking, seal coating and sport surfaces. As well as sales for the same.

Then I worked for BJ Drag Line and did the same for them. As well as becoming a Wikel sealer distributor ( later they became Seal Master ).

In the mid 80s I moved to Asheville NC and worked for Safety Stripe. There I really got into sport surfaces and highway work as well as all the rest.

By 1989 I had moved out on my own and did the full range of the industry including inventing some equipment and getting patents on them. Joanne set the new company up and worked in the field a good part of the time ( she was the best paint truck gun operator we had ).

In 2000 we sold the long line part of our business ( highway marking ).


And shortly there after moved to Brooksville Florida where we opened a store for our products as well as bulk sealer from Seal Master. It did well until the 2004 hurricanes. We went to Pensacola and did some volunteer relief work and fell in love with the area and so we are currently in Pensacola Florida.

We have traveled several times to do custom work. Both for 3-M ( 35 miles of line removal in Kansas ) and asphalt profiling for the DOT in Louisiana.

    Overall we have a lot of experience and can do many different kinds of work. We can help you to do the same or help you with your project.