“ Remove - It Drum”
Fine Tooth planer
This cutter is the answer to many fine planing needs consider a few:
                     1) Pavement Marking Removal
                     2) Pavement Milling and Rehab
                     3) Concrete Milling and Rehab, Toe Trip, Scarifier
(Look on the back of this brochure for further information on these subjects)
It can be used with many different types of cold planing attachments. Including the versatile Skidsteer tractors ( Case, Gehl, Cat, New Holland, Mustang, Bobcat etc.) As well as any machine with High Flow Hydraulics IE; Trackless. Cold planers have been around for a while and did a good job cutting different types of surfaces. The only problem was they left behind a badly grooved surface (foot print). This foot print was unacceptable as a Finished surface. The “Remove-It Drum” answers that problem.  It leaves behind a fine foot print. Not dissimilar to that of a star wheel type planer. This surface can be left as a finished  surface.
We use Carbide Mini Teeth put in a 100% laced pattern to get this foot print. The carbide gives us a long lasting replaceable cutter. We normally get around 52,800 Linear feet of wear out of a tooth ( depending on depth and surface being cut +/-).